The Harvest Market Natural Foods and Cafe

There is a variety of delicious food to sample in Hanalei town. Whether you are sticking to natural foods or farmer’s markets, planning on trying something new on distinct menus every day or aiming to wing it when struck by hunger, Hanalei offers a wide range of tastes and styles.

One of the best places in Hanalei to find healthy food is at the Hanalei Harvest Market. This is the go-to place if you are seeking healthy and fresh groceries. And if you are seeking a salad bar and healthy deli, you will be delighted to know that Hanalei Harvest Market also provides these two options. Hanalei Harvest Market is a fantastic resource for organic and natural groceries to take to the beach, your hotel, or vacation rental. The salad bar, hot bar, deli items, and pre-made and packaged food can be taken for a picnic to the nearby beach or enjoyed on site. Everything is natural and organic and by far some of the healthiest options that you will find in the town of Hanalei. The products at Hanalei’s Harvest Market are locally grown in a sustainable manner which is great for the market as well as the environment.

Harvest Market Natural Foods and Cafe is the premier natural health food shop in Hanalei and has become a hit with locals ever since it was launched. The store features an extensive selection of organic and fresh local produce, groceries, bulk foods, supplements, body care products, frozen items, and chilled items. You can kick off your day with organic coffee, a fresh fruit smoothie, scone, or homemade muffins at the Hanalei Harvest Market. Stock up on treats, healthy snacks, cold drinks, the salad bar’s garden fresh salad, and sandwiches for the beach and other escapades. Enjoy entrees and much more. In a way, Hanalei Harvest Market is your home away from home. It is your golden ticket to a relaxing, healthy, and happy vacation.

Pick up natural and organic groceries and snacks at this healthy establishment that is much loved by locals. The smoothie station and salad bar operate from the morning until 3 pm, and weighable bulk food selections such as nuts and dried fruit can help you assemble a beach picnic, but watch out that you do not buy too many products because they can be too appealing.

Hanalei Harvest Market is not only a healthy grocery shopping option, but they also have a selection of prepared food that you can order from their limited menu. The pre-packaged foods are delightful and are some of the most popular items at Hanalei Harvest Market. There is usually a good selection of pre-packaged foods, especially if you are looking for a bite to accompany you to the beach. Another great thing about the Hanalei Harvest Market is that it stocks your favorite gluten-free tortilla chips which can sometimes be hard to find in other places. Hanalei Harvest Market is great and you will find the staff to be very friendly. Smoothies are usually made at the back of the store, so ensure that you do not miss it. The smoothies at Hanalei Harvest Market are made with 100% fruit, most of it refreshing, tropical, and cold.

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